Non surgical lower facelifts

ImageLower facelifts have, in the past, been procedures that have been carried out ‘under the knife’ and considered to be a surgical speciality. However, through an advanced understanding of lower facial anatomy, and advances in filler technology, non surgical treatments are achieving results that could only previously have been dreamed of.

The great news for ACP clients is that, non surgical facelifts are now available through Aesthetic Cosmetic Procedures

Trained by the best.
Richard Peppiatt, senior clinician and director of Aesthetic Cosmetic Procedures, has been fully, and expertly trained in this advanced procedure, by the Aesthetic Awards Trainer of the Year, Dr Raj Acquilla.

Dr Raj Acquilla MBChB MRCGP MBCAM, is a renowned expert in medical aesthetics, facial contouring, and non surgical facelifts. He is a full member, and North West Regional Chair of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, UK Ambassador for Allergan Facial Aesthetics, Faculty Member of The European College of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery, IMCAS, and Global Key Opinion Leader in the cosmetic use of Botulinum toxin, and fillers.

The training undertaken by Richard, is allowing us to pass on the benefits of over a decade of experience, the knowledge of over 20 000 procedures, and the expertise of one of the most prestigious trainers in facial aesthetic medicine.

Visit our site, and arrange an opportunity to discuss whether a non surgical facelift is the procedure you’ve been looking for.

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