Aesthetic Cosmetic Procedures is a popular non-surgical cosmetics company offering the highest possible standards of cosmetic procedures within a number of exclusive clinics in the North East of England, and throughout the UK. Private consultations and procedures are also available in the comfort of your own home by director and senior clinician Richard Peppiatt.
Whether you are looking for Botox in Newcastle, dermal fillers, or a chemical skin peel, the best non invasive cosmetic treatments are all available.
Aesthetic Cosmetic Procedures is founded on 3 pillars of excellence: professionalism, patient safety, and holistic care and aftercare, ensuring that you receive the best non invasive procedures from one of the leading companies in the country. Aesthetic Medicine is no longer an exclusive luxury of celebrities and the rich and famous, but is now available to men and women of all ages and backgrounds. Most importantly, the opportunities to change a physical feature that causes you unhappiness and anxiety, or to turn back time in order to regain the confidence and self esteem that you dream of, are all available; discreetly, safely, and affordably.


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